Saturday, 8 May 2010

Security of uPVC Windows

There is no doubt that uPVC windows are more secure than timber frame windows. Timber has a habit of rotting over a period of time making the wood easy to break or manipulate. As a timber window frame weakens the more it compromises the security of your house. While you are away for the weekend or on your summer holidays a burglar or a housebreaker can sneak into your garden and use a pry bar to gain entry to your house via your timber frame windows.

In contrast uPVC is impervious for many years to the adverse conditions of changing weather. It neither shrinks in hot weather nor does it swell in wet and humid weather. Instead it remains firmly fixed to the window and to the window aperture.

On top of this new uPVC windows nearly always come with a multi-point locking system as standard. This allows you to lock your window at more than one spot to make the window even more secure.

Finally, double and triple glazing presents a tough challenge to break with a brick or crow bar. The double or three layers of glass in effect reinforce each other and make it very hard for a housebreaker to smash his or her way through.

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